Sunday, September 25, 2016

Today vs Yesterday.

I don't know if it is just me but each day brings new challenges and also brings new delights.

I Woke up yesterday and got out of bed just a little too quick because as soon as I walked down the hall I literally fell into the wall and almost whacked my head on the thermostat......I then proceeded to sit on the couch for the next hour as my head spins.  Needless to say the rest of my day consisted of very slowly moving and a lot of sleeping.  Going to my daughters soccer game wore me out and I just sat there and cheered her on, felt like I was the one playing the game by the end of it though.

I also started thinking I was getting a sore throat or the start of a cold but I am not sure that is the case I think it may be related to my AN and plan to ask at my second consult on Wednesday.

Today, I woke up and felt rested which is a first in the last month, but I also didn't feel "good" I was ready to head to the clinic and get checked out.  After being convinced to go to breakfast at my favorite little cantina first I felt better but had some issues swallowing.  We stayed and watched the Bronco game (WINNER!!!) and lucky for me one of my besties showed up to watch as well and it was great to spend time with her!  I didn't really have an appetite so just snacked on some chips and queso and because I am not drinking alcohol I passed on the mimosas and treated myself to a good ol Shirley Temple!

When I got home I had a boost of energy and managed to get some laundry done and then POOF just like that energy gone, so I took a nap (it is my new idea of fun).  It did me some wonders and felt refreshed.  I got up to finish the laundry with some help with my awesome daughters and felt great! As I was making the bed I all of sudden realized that there was no ringing in my ear....I even pushed on it to plug it and NOTHING it is literally the first time since March that my ears have not had tinnitus, it was short lived and came back about 10 minutes later but it was a nice break!

The point I am trying to make is that some days are not so good while others are.  I make sure to make note of all symptoms and changes just in case it is a sign of some sort of significant change.  At this point I feel informed but also feel as though there is so much unknown in this whole journey so better safe than sorry.

One day at a much easier said than done.

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